RACINE COUNTY — Unemployment fell in Racine last month, but it didn’t fall far enough for the city to shake its place as the municipality with the highest jobless rate in the state.

The city’s unemployment rate was 11.2 percent in November, according to jobless figures released Thursday by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development. Although lower than its October jobless rate of 11.7 percent, and November 2012’s rate of 11.4 percent, the rate still put Racine ahead of Milwaukee and Beloit. Both cities had unemployment rates of 9.4 percent last month, tying for the municipality with the second highest unemployment rate in the state.

Caledonia had the lowest November unemployment rate of the 32 cities ranked in the report with 3.2 percent.

Although the jobless rate decreased in Racine in November, rates increased in 14 of the state’s 32 largest municipalities last month, among them Mount Pleasant, which saw its jobless rate increase from 8.2 percent in October to 8.6 percent in November.

Most counties saw an increase in the number of people collecting unemployment benefits.

Racine County saw unemployment fall to 7.7 percent from 7.9 percent between October and November, but remained among the 10 counties with the highest jobless rate in the state. Iron County, in the far north of the state, had the highest unemployment rate among the counties with 13.2 percent. Pierce County, which sits near Minneapolis in the far western part of the state, had the lowest unemployment rate of the counties with 3.4 percent.

The statewide unemployment rate was 6.3 percent in November, which is less than the national rate of 7 percent.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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News like this makes me feel kind of sad. I could use a good laugh...think I'll read Dickert's 10-year plan again, that's some first rate comedy right there.

Kate Remington
Kate Remington

So what is the plan for increasing job opportunity in this city? The silence from City Hall is painfully obvious. Dark clouds upon the horizon. Why is our mayor MIA? Why doesn't he address the people of this city and county? The silence is unsettling and disturbing and is the thread of conversations all over town. Other communities are growing and we are not. Ignoring the decline in revenues and the hopelessness of many residents is not working.


Twin Disc: During fiscal 2013 we expanded our manufacturing footprint with the commissioning of a facility near Chennai, India, after several years of developing a high-quality, low-cost supply chain. The 35,000 square foot facility provides light machining and assembly of industrial products that initially will be shipped to customers around the world. While we invest in emerging economies...

New Holland FIAT: India, the tractor manufacturing division of auto major FIAT Industrial Group is contemplating on investing around Rs 1,100 crore to establish a new greenfield tractor manufacturing plant in Maharashtra, thus increasing its capacity by 50 percent in the next three years.

I Come In Peace

Reaganomics... Scott Walker... Open For Business!!


John Dickert was elected in May, 2009 by the people to bring a vision to Racine, Wisconsin. The Mayor introduced to the City a 10 year plan – partnering with the community to build Racine into one of the “Best Cities in America” to live in within 10 years. One part of his vision as well as one of his first acts as Mayor was to create a budget with zero percent increases without sacrificing services or jobs.

Reelected in 2011, Mayor Dickert has continued his mission of expanding businesses; create new partnerships and maintaining the city’s course of fiscal responsibility. The Mayor serves as Vice Chair of the US Conference of Mayors Metro Economies Committee and as the President of the Urban Alliance.


Where are the jobs? Why have budgets, costs and borrowing only increased while productive City employees and services are cut while bureaucrats that fill a chair get pay increases?


I thought Wisconsin was "Open For Business". What happened apologists?

Racine Wisconsin is open for business. The illegal alien business..... but that costs taxpayers and residents. While the Mayor rewards Illegals and places the burden of the cost on residents - GM spends $691 Million in Mexico.

MEXICO CITY – General Motors today announced it will invest $691 million for its manufacturing operations in Silao, San Luis Potosi and Toluca to build higher performing, more fuel-efficient powertrains.

Probably the same powertrains that will go into the Chevy Tahoes the Mayor is purchasing. He sends residents money to Mexico and gets Illegals in return. Is it any wonder he's failing?

I Come In Peace

..... Tin Foil Hat.....


GM Announces $691-Million Investment in Mexico Facilities

"GM is about to reach 78 years in Mexico and we celebrate it with this new investment, which means more employment and development opportunities for the regions of Silao, San Luis Potosi and Toluca; and more advanced technology that will benefit our customers," said Ernesto M. Hernandez, president and managing director of General Motors de Mexico.

"The quality of our employees’ work continues transcending borders, allowing us to continue attracting investment to maintain a strong production of vehicles, engines and transmissions of outstanding quality for our customers around the world."


Not one penny has GM invested in Wisconsin. Thanks for the memories!

2008 - We were lucky enough to have the last Chevrolet Tahoe built at the Janesville, WI assembly plant


Janesville - Dale Townsend absorbs the losses every time he drives through his city.

Past "for sale" signs that dot front lawns.

Past the Lear Corp. plant where he used to earn $20 an hour building seats to be inserted into Chevy Tahoes. And past the General Motors assembly plant, the city's beating heart for decades, now shuttered. "You think it was just a dream," Townsend says. "It has been a year and it doesn't seem that long when the dream was taking place, when we were all working hard and having fun."

The jobs and the dreams are gone.

Read more from Journal Sentinel: http://www.jsonline.com/news/wisconsin/headlines/79145747.html#ixzz2omFPjoP9

Blogometric Pressure

NOt everyone is looking for work. Instead a few got on disability and run all over picking up stuff to sell for cash at the antique malls, Elkhorn flea market and ebay. Meanwhile we are paying for their disability and insurance and they are hauling in thousands. One guy comes to the houses early looking for stuff and got on disability because he was diabetic. Sells like crazy on ebay. So, how is that fair. He is a number that we are paying for. How about a few of the slackers who just sit in the house and smoke and they are within walking distance of the gas stations that are looking for clerks. While there are ALOT who need a helping hand and deservedly so, it is the few cheats that will spoil it for the truly needy. Thing is, they think it is their right. Saw one guy this summer lifting a heavy chest into his pick up truck, disabled, can't life what, 10 pounds? Hauls it out to the various flea markets, sits there all day and stuffs his pockets with cash. We are paying his bills and giving him money.


Quit picking on Mayor Dickert. Racine and Wisconsin problem is our governor Walker.
When Scott Walker and the Tea Partiers took over in January 2011, Wisconsin's unemployment rate was 7.7%. We have dropped to 6.3% for a drop of 1.4%.

During the same period, our national rated has dropped from 9.1% to 7.0% for a drop of 2.1%.

If we had simply 'gone with the flow', our current rate would be 5.6%. Wouldn't that be great?

At this point, the Walker apologists usually point out that it's easier to drop the rate from a higher number like 9.0%. That's basically 'blaming' Democrat Jim Doyle for doing too good a job and leaving Wisconsin in too good a condition. By the way I was not a Doyle fan for other reasons, but he was caught with the Bush adminstartion bringing this country next to a depression!

It ignores the fact that over the very same period, neighboring Minnesota has dropped from 6.8% to 4.6%.

Can you imagine that? 4.6%! That's a 2.2% drop! Minnesota, despite starting out in a better position than Wisconsin, has done even better than the national rate of improvement.

What's the difference? (Hint: Minnesota has a Democratic governor, and both state houses are controlled by the Democrats.)

While any improvement in our UE is appreciated, that appreciation is tempered by the fact that we would be so, So SO much better off if we didn't have these Tea Party knuckleheads and their lame-brained schemes constantly dragging us down. Racine voters you need to remember this.

Scott Walker promised 250,000 new jobs..... then he told the voters of Wisconsin "To hold him accountable for that promise"

His latest political scheme is to do always with no Wisconsin state tax. This is new, but already some predictions to get tax money could for the state budget mabe a 13.5 sales tax or maybe a fee like a $500 license plate for your car.

November 4th 2014 We hold Scott Walker accountable!

I Come In Peace

Exactly... I thought Wisconsin was "Open For Business". What happened apologists?

Even More Tired

Democrats and liberal policy!

I Come In Peace

Republicans love and embrace Reaganomics. Democrats haven't done enough to fight Reaganomics, but I blame Republicans for 1,000,000's of jobs leaving the US. It's their policies that have allowed this to happen.


It's just amazing. Great job Dickert, your #1 assignment as mayor is jobs, jobs, jobs, you say it yourself in almost every interview, and yet year after year after year Racine is #1 in unemployment, that's what you call an EPIC FAIL for Racine and it's residents. What's even more insulting is the fact Racine residents pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for these failed programs such as Launchbox, so that we can remain #1 in unemployment year after year after year. Congratulations Racine and Mayor Dickert, you've done it again, all while INCREASING our taxes and DECREASING our services!!


What are you complaining about? Dickert is all about jobs, jobs, and jobs. It's just that those jobs are funded with tax payer $$$$ and tens of millions $$$ in debt.

Want a Racine $job$? Take this simple one question test. ;-P

I am a friend of John Dickert: ______ YES. ______ NO.

I Come In Peace

So it's Dickert's fault that Racine is a factory town and now those jobs are gone? Wake up.


As the G.....expands so will the unemployment rate...it's only natural... G.......... do not get their $ from employment...you know exactly what I mean...besides, they have government subsidies etc. as well...

JT fact checker
JT fact checker

Lehman and Mason asleep at the wheel.


The unemployment rate is irrelevant - and manipulated. What is significant now is the Labor Non-Participation rate - which can't yet be manipulated by the BLS.

One only needs to notice the lack of business activity, a new round of boarded up houses and businesses around Racine and the ever ubiquitous "Marty DeFatte" all over town -

Racine is Toast.


The low Caledonia unemployment tells me these workers have good jobs in Milwaukee and just live in Caledonia.


Hello this city needs REAL jobs!


And this doesn't tell our politicians in this state we need a change? Duh!!!


I find it amazing, just a few weeks ago the 3 stooges (Dickert, Carpetbagger Mason, and draft dodger coward Lehman), all spilled there guts in the paper ripping on Ryan and the budget deal. Where are these 3 now. Each one of these clowns has a dog in this fight.


So can a liberal tell me what Racine gained by re-installing the obstructionist draft dodger back into his seat in Madison?

Will the obstructionist draft dodger have the courage to campaign to keep his job. Remember, he will have to convince more than just Racine voters. He will have to convince voters west of the I-94, and it's doubtful that voters in Burlington and others west of the I-94 will but into his lies.


wooo! we're #1

thanks dickhert and friedel!
let's get launchbox on this!


Add to these statistics that many of those who are employed are in part time, low paying jobs. Some of these jobs require certification and carry responsibility, yet still pay less than $9 per hour. A person can't live on their own on that.

I Come In Peace

Yeah... a new Casino in Kenosha that would support 3,000 + jobs is obviously not needed.


The statistic is not going to get any better. Those who have the ability to work or find a job are doing so. The people who are not employable for various reasons are standing up and being counted. If the City and the County did a better job in attracting employers the stats might change but not appreciably because the people who want to work cannot find a job do to education, transportation and background, including work history.

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