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SC Johnson 3D Mural (copy)

Los Angeles artist Ever Galvez creates a 3-D chalk and tempera mural of the amphibious Sikorsky S-38 plane on a sidewalk at Fortaleza Hall at SC Johnson headquarters. New chalk art pictures will be drawn by artist Nate Baranowski for every weekend through Nov. 4 and will be seen by visitors who tour the SCJ campus.

RACINE — SC Johnson is offering a colorful addition to its campus tours of the historic Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Administration Building and Research Tower.

Guests can enjoy 3-D chalk art features along the tour and photograph themselves with the art during this year’s Chicago Architecture Biennial. New chalk art designs will be created on the SCJ campus every weekend until Nov. 4.

Chicago-based chalk artist Nate Baranowski is creating elaborate 3-D chalk art designs in various locations across the SC Johnson campus. Each design takes four to six hours to create and captures themes related to Frank Lloyd Wright and SCJ. Strategically positioned marks in front of each design help guide guests to the best spot to capture photos and selfies.

Baranowski has experience with a range of media including large chalk murals, indoor and outdoor painted murals, acrylic on canvas and various forms of digital painting and concept art. After several years practicing his craft in Tampa, Fla., Baranowski relocated to Chicago and has joined the Biennial experience.

The upcoming chalk art design themes will include:

A Collective Design — Variety of Wright’s work including furniture and other interior pieces.

Architecture the Mother Art — Based on a quote from Wright, “The mother art is architecture. Without architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization.”

The Global Effect of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Architecture — Showcasing other designs Wright has inspired.

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Pioneer — Designs Wright created that were the first of their kind.

To learn more about SCJ’s sponsorship of the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial and register for the free campus tours, go to


Community Coordinator

Loreen Mohr is the community coordinator for The Journal Times.

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