RACINE — Chicken is replacing beef: Buffalo Wild Wings, the restaurant chain that pushes wings, beer and sports to the forefront, is coming to Regency Mall.

The Minneapolis-based chain will replace the vacant Lone Star Steakhouse on the mall’s southwest corner, pending government approvals. Lone Star closed in November.

City associate planner Jill Johanneck said planners have been talking about their desire for a fall opening, but company officials could not immediately confirm that Monday.

The mall’s owners, CBL & Associates, had the right to reject what business replaces Lone Star but have said yes to Buffalo Wild Wings, Mall Manager Curt Pruitt said Monday.

We are delighted to have this nationally recognized restaurant joining our lineup,” Pruitt said. “It’s a good addition and will probably give some other wing establishments some healthy competition.”

The Racine restaurant will feature the chain’s new design, which attempts to capture the feeling of a sports stadium, said Daniel Collicott, a regional manager with Buffalo Wild Wings. Collicott was applying for the restaurant’s liquor license at Monday’s Public Safety and Licensing committee meeting.

On its website, Buffalo Wild Wings states that “really, all you need to know about us is these three things: Wings. Beer. Sports.”

Another line on the website states, “If there’s a competition, and you can drink beer and eat wings while watching it, we’ll put it on.”

The company started in 1982 with one restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. Since then it has grown to about 900 restaurants in the United States and Canada, including 24 in Wisconsin.

Buffalo Wild Wings has both company and franchise stores; this one will be company-owned, said the regional marketing manager, Traci Micheau.

For more information visit www.BuffaloWildWings.com.

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Y'all are just idiots grow up


Wow. A regular Kreskin. I make a single remark about your comment, and you know everything about me.

What will your next trick be?


where did last night's comments go? why have they been cherry picked? Wow! Did the City Council infiltrate JT and their ego bubble busted...and they made you remove the comments they didn't like? YIKES!! That just goes to show you why Racine is not the booming city of our neighboring cities! Sad, very, very sad!!


I meant some of your comments You Wish, not all. Don't you wonder why yours were deleted if there was nothing wrong with them? The answer is simple. Either there was something wrong with them, or the JT erases comments that have no need to be erased. Just as mine were. And If you think you deserve an apology from me for what I said, but you don't owe me one for saying "Jackbean LOVES Becker" on a thread I didn't even comment on, then you're an even bigger fool than you're letting on.

Still waiting for all of those other examples you could go "on and on" with...

You Wish

Regarding the Becker comment, I thought liberals loved everyone??


When did I say anything remotely political?

You Wish

You didn't have to.

What little you did write, spoke VOLUMES of your political beliefs......Trust me.

You apologize = I go away.


You Wish - It doesn't surprise me at all that the JT isn't able to recognize sarcasm and deletes comments that contain it. If their choice of comments to delete is so great, why did they even delete those by both you and me that made no negative mention of race, sarcastically or otherwise?

If you rely on the judgement of fools as proof that you won an argument, I feel sorry for you.

BTW, in one of your silly comments, you said "Chuck E Cheese, ihop, I can go on and on," implying the location is ripe for trouble, not the types of people in them. So please, do go on and on. Give some more examples. Has their been a history of trouble at the Texas Roadhouse? Applebee's maybe? Or perhaps the Olive Garden? You said you could go on and on with examples that prove you weren't talking about race, so let's hear them.

You Wish

"why did they even delete those by both you and me that made no negative mention of race, sarcastically or otherwise?"

Thank you for apologizing and admitting you were wrong to attack me in the first place.

Apology accepted.


You Wish

Dear JT, Thank you for deleting JackBean's Racist comments. Kudos to you.

You Wish

Hey Jackbean: Where did your comments go?? LOL!


now if we can just get a Panda Express!


It is a great place for "Wings", but it doesn't beat "Hooters".


AWESOME MOVE Racine!!! Now I have an option to either eat there and watch the games or grab my hot wings and come home!!! Note to "Relocate" where exactly is Thug-Land? I live two block east of the location and it's not "Thug-Land"!!!!


They would have been far better off out near the interstate. I doubt the place will be family friendly due to its proximity to thug-land.


With the Mayor taxing businesses out of Racine to fund Downtown, the entire Western portion of Racine, from Lathrop Ave. on out would be better off detaching itself from Racine and joining Mt. Pleasant - where it's less taxing.

Sears and Toys 'R' Us are once again protesting their excess property valuations and taxes. How long will BWW last between Obamacare and the Mayor;s new tax and spend program?

66.0227  Detachment of territory. Subject to ss. 66.0301 (6) (d) and 66.0307 (7), territory may be detached from a city or village and attached to a city, village or town to which it is contiguous as follows:
(1) A petition signed by a majority of the owners of three-fourths of the taxable land in area within the territory to be detached or, if there is no taxable land in the territory, by all owners of land in the territory, shall be filed with the clerk of the city or village from which detachment is sought, within 120 days after the date of publication of a class 1 notice, under ch. 985, of intention to circulate a petition of detachment.


granny grits

Did the mayor kick your dog or do you just like to complain everyday?


I do believe that Sears and Toys 'R' Us are going to be suing the City for over assessments and want refunds on their over payments - just like Racine Country Club. If I remember correctly, the amount of over-assessment claimed is about 50%, which sounds correct to me. How long do you expect BWW to remain viable with the Mayor's new tax increases, spending programs, and Obamacare?

Why don't you let us know Granny, when you are ready to repudiate your Florida residency and once again claim Wisconsin - so you can pay the income tax due on that pension?

granny grits

It's clear that you have limited analytical skills and no scientific background based on the conclusions you are able to divine from your limited imagination. Apparently, you've never been exposed to the axiom of making assumptions and what it does to credibility.

While I don't collect a pension, it is fair to point out that according to the SCOTUS, states are not able to indenture retired employees by taxing them from a distance. A desired you have expressed frequently.

Have you considered counseling to work through your issues and insecurities?

Give Me a Break

Yay! Although I'm probably going to undo all the gains I've made with watching my weight.


Good News. Well run business. Great family fun with all the game controls for trivia and gaming. Wings pretty good but cannot touch Ivanhoe or TBGs

You Wish

This is absolutely fantastic!

My only disappointment is that somehow I don't think the clientel will be as wholesome as the Oak Creek and Kenosha locations.


Urban Pioneer

While not a big fan of Wings..I am a big fan of new businesses into our City and County. Thanks BW3's For bringing destruction, construction and service, chef, and professional jobs to our area! I'll definitely try some other stuff on your menu..and I've heard the Teriyaki wings are pretty good for folks like me!

Attention City Hall please try not to make it difficult to let BW3 open this business.

BTW folks the Toas Chili place opened today in downtown Racine. Please come try them out and welcome them to our City. I have heard of 3 -4 new businesses opening soon in downtown Racine, as well. Spend your money in our city limits and help your neighbors as they invest in your city.


@UP: where is Toas Chili?

who me

Corner of WI and 6th...where the cheesecake place was. I've seen the sign for ages, never heard when/if it was opening. Good to know it's opened.

JT Online Staff
JT Online Staff

The Journal Times spoke to the owner of the future Taos Chili and he is not open yet. He hopes to open Tuesday, March 5.

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