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Letters submitted for publication should be on subjects of general interest and no more than 250 words in length. Anonymous or unsigned letters will not be published.

Letters must include the writer's name, address, age and telephone number. Phone numbers will be used to authenticate letters and will not be published unless specifically requested by the writer.Upon request, mailing addresses will be withheld.

Contributors are limited to one letter every 30 days. Letters thanking individuals or organizations for personal services rendered cannot be accepted. We do not publish individual consumer complaints about specific businesses. While we do not publish letters from groups endorsing political candidates, we will carry letters discussing candidates and campaign issues.

All material is subject to editing before publication. Letters exceeding 250 words will be edited for length, and we reserve the right to withhold letters which are abusive, malicious or potentially libelous.

Commentaries of up to 600 words should be discussed with the News Editor Tom Farley before being submitted. Email Farley at

Letters of a religious nature must be related directly to the news.

Mailing address: Letters to the Editor, The Journal Times, 212 Fourth St., Racine, WI 53403. Our email address is:

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