The Journal Times philosophy
The Journal Times is the local newspaper that celebrates and improves the quality of life in Racine.
About The Journal Times
The Journal Times is the daily newspaper for Racine County, an urban, suburban, and rural community in southeastern Wisconsin. The county sits between Milwaukee and Chicago.
Interstate 94, connecting Chicago and Milwaukee, divides Racine County into eastern and western portions. The east is more urban and suburban. The west is more suburban and rural, with several beautiful lakes. The population of Racine County is 196,000, with roughly half living in or near the city of Racine, which abuts Lake Michigan.
The Journal Times is committed to offering relevant local news and information to the residents of Racine County. We seek to provide you with quality and timely news, and with interactivity online.
History of The Journal Times
The Journal Times began as the Racine Weekly Journal in 1852. In 1856 the publication became a daily and changed its name to the Racine Daily Journal. This was a four-page evening paper that sold for $7 per year, paid quarterly in advance. Ownership changed several times during these early years and a Burlington office was opened in 1921. In 1932, the Racine Daily Journal merged with another daily paper, the Times and the Racine Journal Times was created. Lee Enterprises, Inc., the current owner, purchased the paper in 1968 and dropped Racine from the name and is now simply The Journal Times.