Details for WEIDNER FOR MAYOR #12 OF 14

Weidner questions: Where is the money from?

“I will not allow special interests and PACs to get to the ‘trough.’ I will protect your tax dollars.” –Sandy Weidner
“It has been published
that my opponent’s campaign has a remarkable
amount of money for a
mayoral election. We have
all seen the effect of that;
a stream of large, colorful,
glossy, campaign literature
appearing in our mailboxes,” veteran City Council
member and Mayoral candidate Sandy Weidner stated.
Per his July campaign
finance report, more than
64 percent of Mason’s funds
came from Political Action
Committees (PACs) and out
of town donors. It was noted

Root Works and Machinery
Row. Cory Mason is a founding member of Root Works.
It is wise to look at who
is donating money and ask
what benefit they might expect to derive from it.
Sandy Weidner was a
persistent skeptic and opponent to those projects and the
Sandy Weidner
money they cost taxpayers.
She has pledged to keep a
vigilant eye on the taxpayer’s
that Vandewalle and Associcheckbook. The overwhelmates of Madison were early
ingly local, small donors to her
big donors to his campaign.
campaign take pride in that.
This special interest has re“Why would people in
ceived in excess of $400,000
for consulting work related to New York, Washington DC,

Chicago, Madison, and
Milwaukee care about who is
mayor of the City of Racine?”
Weidner asks. “It is because
big money donors will have
access to the ‘trough.’ The
‘trough’ is all that public
money that will be available
to pay for projects like Machinery Row and the Arena.
Those are the individuals
who choose to contribute,
because there is something
in it for them. That is not
how it should be. Those days
must come to an end.”
“I will protect your tax
dollars,” Weidner emphasizes.

To learn more, visit Vote Tuesday, October 17, 2017.
Authorized and paid for by Citizens to Elect Sandy Weidner, Jim Sewell, Treasurer.


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